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By NextoDi
Backup > Photo/Video
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Product ID: NVS1501
Price (RRP): from $921 ex. GST

Model: Video Storage 1501
Disc Capacity: 1TB HD or 256GB SSD, 512GB SSDand 1TB SSD
Drives: 1
Warranty: 1 Year RTB

Video Storage NVS1501

The NEXTO Video Storage is a battery-powered portable storage device that at the touch of a single button, can quickly back-up footage from most flash based camcorders.

NEXTO Video Storage is also easy to use and extremely reliable, which is important when you are out in the field.  With NEXTO Video Storage, simply download your memory card directly to the included Hard Disk or Solid State Drive wherever you are.

Available capacities

Back up from Various Memory cards
Offloading data from DSLR memory cards (CF, SDHC, SDXC, MS)

MS Pro MagicGate

Supports SDXC
The NVS1501 supports exFAT file system used in SDXC.
(Support for file size larger than 4GB shall be done later by free firmware upgrade)

Copy mode & Performance
Make new folder and copy all the memory card data into the folder.
Same as [Fast Copy] but after copying, the data on the memory card is compared with the copied data in the NVS1501 hard drive. Each bit is verified.
Before copying data, the NVS1501 verifies that its hard drive area is safe. If a bad sector is detected, a new safe area is found – then copying [Fast Copy] will begin.

Memory Speed(MB/s) Time(32GB)
CF 80MB/s 6m40s
SDHC/SDXC 22MB/s 24m14s
60MB/s 8m53s
MS 12MB/s 44m26s

Preview Video & Photo clip
User can preview video and photo clip with built-in colour LCD. A preview of both the internal HDD and external device (CF / SDHC / SDXC / MS / USB external HDD) is supported.

Making a secondary copy to USB hard drive
User can generate (“Sync”) a secondary copy onto external USB HDD.
Export internal data to an external USB hard drive without needing a laptop.
Each time you plug-in a external USB hard drive to NVS1501, it syncs at any files recorded since the last sync, will be transferred. Automatically compare the video folders by file names ans sizes.
Supports copy from USB card reader or
GFPAK using USB host connectivity
through USB port.

Multi-Copy onto two separate HDD at the same time
MCopy(“Multi-Copy”) enables mirroed data onto NVS1501 and USB external HDD at the same time to achieve maximum data safety.
Attach an USB external hard drive to make two copies at the same time with a single click.

Designed for data safety Shock protection
Featuring with advanced data management capabilities including Recover folder from bad sector, Shock protection and Success (or Failure) feedback of previous backup operation.
Shock Protection
1. Built-in FREE-FALL Sensor
NVS1501 senses when user dropping it and the sensor will be triggered to move the read/write head of HDD away from platter and parks at its original position.
The main power will be automatically switched-off.
2. Supplied with Rubber Bumpers
A pair of rubber bumper supplied for an additional protection
Bad Sector Recovery
It becomes inaccessible or unusable, if a video folder contains bad sector, NVS1501 recovers the video folder to reusable and editable.
The frames that contain dummy sectors have block noises but
rest of frames become usable.
Success (or Failure) feedback
Next time you switch on NVS1501, it displays a previous backup result, in order to help the user to determine deletion of data stored in memory card.

Using the NVS1501 as a hard drive
Supports high-speed data transfer to NLE System.
Transfer Speed by interfaces

Interface Speeds(MB/s) Time(32GB)
IEEE 1394b
FireWire 800)
75MB/s 7m10s
USB 2.0 33MB/s 16m17s

Versatile Power Option
Its built-in internal battery makes NVS1501 the perfect companion for field backup. NVS1501 can be powered by Power adapter, Interface calbes, AA Battery holder or External battery
Charging TimeApprox 5 hours via power adpater\FireWire 800
Approx 9 hours via interface calbe
Apporx 10 hours via AA battery holder

Buring a Blu-ray Disc
The NVS1501 supports the burning of Blu-ray Discs–or the preview of Blu-ray Discs–without the use of a computer. Only the BD-R or BD-RE is supported. There is no support for burning a CD or DVD.

Physical Name and Desciptions
(1) “DC IN”slot for AC power adapter unit(wall plus; 6~25V).
(2) Connector”FireWire 800(IEEE 1394b)”to connect to the computer with max 800Mbps speed.
(3) USB Host slot to connect external USB hard drive or Ikegami GFPAK or USB card reader.
(4) “USB”slot for USB 2.0 device connection to a computer.
(5) Recessed Reset key, to be pressed with a tooth pick or similar tool;
(6) 3-in-1 connector for SD/SDHC/SDXC/MMC/MS
(7) Compact Flash slot
(8) LCD Display
(9) Control Key. Controls up/down/left/right/select of curser during power on state.
(10) Power key. Controls power on/off and selecting command during power on.

Packaging Contents

Nodel Number NVS1501
LCD 2.4″ Color TFT LCD: 320*240, 64K colors
Card slots CF
CF Type 1/2, Micro Drive
External Harddrive
USB 2.0: 480Mbit/sec
Battery Internal: 3.7V 4400mA rechargeable Li-Ploy battery (120min)
* Rechargeable by AC adapter, USB cable, IEEE 1394b(FireWire 800) cable (9-9pin) and Car charger cable
External: Battery holder for recharging internal battery with four standard AA cellbatteries (40min)
AC Power Adapter Input: 100-240V AC
Out: 12V/1A DC
Bus Power Operation Operate with USB bus powerof IEEE 1394b(FireWire 800) cable power
Computer Interface USB 2.0: 480Mbit/sec
IEE 1394b(FireWire 800): 800Mbit/sec
File System Format Internal hard drive: FAT32/exFAT
Memory card(including SxS): FAT12/16/32/exFAT
OS Compatibility Windows 7/VISTA/XP/2000/ME
Mac OS 9.2 or above.
Linux 2.4.18 or above.
Dimensions 154mm*91mm*33mm(6.1inches*3.6inches*1.3inches)
Weight 430g/15.1oz(with Hard drive)
Contents NVS1501 Main Unit / Manual / AC power adapter / USB cable / AA battery holder / IEEE 1394b(FireWire 800) cable (9-9 pin) / Shock protection rubber jacket / Car charger cable
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