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By evocept
Hard Drive Storage > RAID Systems
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Product ID: TR8283JD
Price (RRP): $338 ex. GST

Model: Tera Raid Box eSATA 8 Drive Port Multiplier with HBA
Software: Requires Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Server 2003
Warranty: 1 year RTB

Tera Raid Box eSATA/USB3.0 8 Drive

Tera Raid Box eSATA and USB 3.0 8 Drive provides a high performance disk array design and offers high performance and capacity well beyond the typical desktop drive. Supporting up to 8 SATA drives in multiple RAID configurations – ideal for graphic design and audio/video applications demanding large storage capacities.


  • Provides highest commitment to data security through the use of embedded RAID architecture to back up and protect data
  • Increase storage throughput by use of RAID architecture to combine the throughput of multiple drives into a single volume
  • Drive sparing support – hardware failure risk can be minimized by automatically regenerating the failed disks data on a backup disk
  • Drives can be moved between controllers without losing data
  • Simplified cable free HDD installation
  • The software driver includes support for Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T) to predict disk failures
  • USB 3.0 and eSATA combo interface to 8 SATA 3.5 inch hard disk drives with hard disk trays and door cover
  • Power and host status LED and eight device status/activity LED
  • Supports JBOD (Clean), Large, Raid 00, Parity RAID (RAID 30 and RAID 50)
  • 300W power supply

The CLEAN MODE storage policy enables each hard drive to be seen separately by the operating system.

The LARGE MODE storage policy concatenates a series of physical hard drives into a single large volume.

R00 MODE presents the best data speed but no data redundancy. It accelerates hard disk drive operating speed by using many disks in parallel. Hard disk drive data segments are written to, and read from, different disks simultaneously which increases performance while sacrificing data redundancy.
To implement the R00 MODE storage policy, the system first creates 2 single virtual volumes that are striped across hard drive(s) on SYS1 and SYS2 individually, and then striped across both virtual volumes again.

The R30 MODE adds fault tolerance by including parity information with the data. R30 MODE dedicates one drive from each 4 drive subsystem for storing parity information, and then stripes the two systems together.

The R50 MODE adds fault tolerance by including parity information with the data. R50 MODE distributes the parity information across all drives in each 4 drive subsystem and then stripes the systems together.

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