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By evocept
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Product ID: EDEC3
Price (RRP): $208 ex. GST

Model: EDEC3
Drives: 3
Warranty: 12 month RTB

ExpressCard/CardBus Drive – Supports SxS and P2

The ExpressCard/CardBus Drive adapter is an easy way to add high performance ExpressCard and PC Card support to any desktop PC. It’s the perfect low cost device for high speed content ingest from Panasonic P2 cards including the latest E-series and Sony SxS and SxS PRO cards at their maximum speed.

ExpressCard/CardBus Drive provides 2 PCMCIA PC Card / CardBus slots and 1 ExpressCard 34/54 slot in a single 3.5″ floppy drive bay. Using the provided PCI card for PC Card / Cardbus functionality, and the provided PCIe x1 card with internal USB connector for ExpressCard functionality, it supports all commonly available full-size card types.

The ExpressCard 34/54 slot supports the maximum 5Gbps PCI Express v2.0 speed – a significant improvement over the transfer rate of v1.1, and can interface with any ExpressCard device as it utilises both PCIe and USB protocols. It accommodates both 34mm and 54 mm ExpressCards such as 3G/3.5G/ WLAN card/ SONY SxS Pro Card/Sound card/ DVB-T TV card/ ESATA/ USB2.0/ USB3.0/ IEEE1394 IO cards.  Hot-swap is supported for all USB based cards.

The PC Card/Cardbus slots support 3.3V and 5V PC cards, Two type I or II cards simultaneously or one Type III card and offers both PCMCIA and Cardbus interfaces. It allows cards to be  Hot- Swapped without powering off the system, and is visible with 2 independent icons in MY COMPUTER when used with Flash memory cards. It is compatible with all forms of PC cards (PCMCIA/ Cardbus) including wireless, 3G/3.5G, PC Flash Cards, Memory adapter PC card, Panasonic P2 cards…etc.


* PCI interface compatible with 3.3V and 5V PCI signaling environment.
* PCIe x1 v2.0 interface
* Mix-and-match 5V/3.3V 16-bit PC cards.
* Supports PC Card/Cardbus / ExpressCard (USB only) hot insertion and removal.
* 2 I/O windows and two memory windows available to each PC Card slot
* Compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and future versions.
* Fully CE/FCC/RoHS compliant.
* No Driver Required.

Package Contents:

* PC/ Cardbus / ExpressCard front drive
* PCI board
* PCIe x1 board
* PCI cable, PCIe cable, internal USB cable
* Drive Bay Mounting Screws
* Quick Guide

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