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Flash and Hard Drive Duplication > Secure Digital
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Product ID: ECF702S
Price (RRP): $199 ex. GST

Model: CopyFlash SD 2 Target
Drives: 3
Warranty: 1 year RTB

CopyFlash SD 2 Target

The CopyFlash SD 2 Target is a portable, stand alone, high speed and convenient solution for easily copying data from your SD cards.  Simple and easy to use, there are no PC requirements and no software to be installed.  Once the unit is turned off, no data will remain, so there is no risk of virus infection. Its lightweight design, friendly interface and easy operation are ideal for personal, office and shops application.

Comes with a variety of functions, “Capacity Check” – checks the real capacity of your cards, “Professional inspection” – detects defective cards  and “Measure Speed” – checks each Flash device’s read and write speed.


1. 3 ports for fast testing of multiple Flash media.
2. 1:2 High speed Flash Copy function.
3. Portable operation with battery power (requires 4 x AA batteries).
4. Quick check functions to find out the true capacity and speed of SD cards
5. Lightweight design and user friendly with instant power on and off.
6. High copy performance supporting up to 33MB per second.

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