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Brinno TLC200 Pro Time Lapse Camera

Product #: BNTLC200P
RRP: $321 ex. GST

Capture stunning HDR Time Lapse Videos with the push of a button! You never thought making Time Lapse Videos could be so easy.
Set it and forget it, the TLC200 PRO creates the video instantly, no post processing required.

MAC200 Motion Activated Time Lapse Camera

Product #: BNMAC200
RRP: $338 ex. GST

The Brinno MAC200 is a battery powered portable security camera, triggered by Motion Detection (PIR) or a Fixed Capture Rate (Time Lapse) or Brinno’s new Hybrid Mode ® (Time Lapse +Motion Detection).

Brinno Time Lapse Construction Camera Kit

Product #: BNBCC200
RRP: $434 ex. GST

Make Time Lapse videos easily with the Brinno BCC200 Time Lapse Construction Camera Kit. Set and forget, instant Time Lapse videos. Includes TLC200P Camera, weather proof housing, NEW industrial-grade aeronautical aluminium alloy clamp and Bungee cords.

Brinno WiFi HDR Time Lapse Camera

Product #: TLC120
RRP: $356 ex. GST

Small and Pocketable! Experience the simplest time lapse camera, explore any project you want to record. Capturing and sharing time lapse videos has never been easier. Instant Time Lapse, Instant Sharing, Instant Fun.

Takeway T1 Clampod

Product #: TWT1
RRP: $91.30 ex. GST

Clamp to just about anything, at just about any angle! Ideal for use with Brinno time lapse cameras, phones, tablets and most other DSLR and compact cameras. Maximum load capacity of the clamp body is 40kg

Takeway R1 Ranger

Product #: TWR1
RRP: $45.22 ex. GST

The Takeway R1 Ranger clampod weighs just 73g, and is portable and convenient to use. Designed primarily for use with Action Cameras, Mobile Phones and GPS devices for which there are a range of accessories. Load capacity 300g.

Takeway G1 Mini Tripod

Product #: TWG1
RRP: $30.43 ex. GST

The Takeway G1 Tripod is a table top device manufactured in black stainless steel for use with small cameras, camcorders etc via its 0.6cm screw thread. Idea for travel, with a load capacity of 3 kgs.

Takeway T-B01 Ball Head

Product #: TWBH
RRP: $34.78 ex. GST

Takeway High Quality Ballhead – Quick Release System

Takeway T-TH01 Tablet Holder

Product #: TWTH
RRP: $27.83 ex. GST

The perfect accessory for your Takeway T1 Clampod. This optional tablet holder is suitable for larger tablets or smart phones. The largest width is approximately 20cm (ie up to 11.6 tablet PC).

Takeway T-PH02 Smartphone Holder for Sports Action

Product #: TWPH
RRP: $27.83 ex. GST

Optional smartphone holder for use with the Takeaway T1 and R1 Clampods. Designed for dynamic use, such as Motorcycles, Skateboarding, Bikes etc, the holder clamps your Smartphone to capture the action.

Takeway T-FN01 Flexneck with Quick Release

Product #: TWFN
RRP: $33.04 ex. GST

Designed for use with the Takeway T1 Clampod and with or without the T-TH01 tablet holder or T-PH02 smartphone holder. If you need to extend the smartphone, tablet or camera to its ideal location for viewing convenience this is the accessory you need.

Takeway T-RC02 Quick Release Clip with Notch

Product #: TWQRC
RRP: $9.30 ex. GST

This is appropriate for all Takeway product quick release plates and has a 1/4″ Standard Screw Connection.

Takeway T-RC03 Quick Release Clip – ActionCam for GoPro etc

Product #: TWQRAC
RRP: $13.04 ex. GST

The T-RC03 quick release clip is for use with the R1 or T1 Clampod from Takeway to attach your action camera safely and securely.

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